Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

March 18, 2017

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

Dermaclara is a skincare line devoted to reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the body. Through a revolutionary discovery while working on skin solutions for scars, Dermaclara skincare scientists found that the proprietary silicone used helped reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the body. Stretch marks can occur as a result of many life milestone: puberty, pregnancy, or simply just weight gain OR loss. Dermaclara’s targeted skincare includes several products that work synergistically to fight the look of stretch marks.

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology


How does Dermaclara work?

Dermaclara works in several ways to improve the look of stretch marks. Its Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment consists of the following products: claraprep cream cleanser, clarafuse silicone treatment, claraline peptide fusion serum, and claratone serum enhancing device as a free gift. Read our Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology below.  Here’s how each product works:


Claraprep cream cleanser prepares the skin for clarafuse silicone treatment. It consists of gentle, yet effective, ingredients that both cleanse and nourish the skin.


Clarafuse silicone treatment is the star of this stretch-mark-busting skincare protocol! This large, heart-shaped silicone pad is applied to the skin after cleansing with claraprep cleanser. Users apply the sticky side to areas affected by stretch marks (after removing the plastic backing), and wear it for at least an hour a day, up to nine. Some users even keep it on overnight for maximum stretch mark treatment effectiveness. This ingenious silicone treatment can be used up to 30 times – just wash and store in its storage tray after each use.

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

Claraline peptide fusion serum and claratone serum enhancing device then work on the skin just treated by clarafuse. By applying claraline peptide fusion to newly treated skin, you infuse active anti-aging peptides that work to keep skin young, plump, and glowing. Use claraline with claratone serum enhancing device by using the device to “push” the serum deeper into the skin using circular motions.


These Dermaclara products, when used together, allow the skin to heal itself by pulling up moisture to the surface of the skin, and increasing collagen production, which helps both plump and strengthen the skin, in addition to smoothing stretch marks. This gives stretch marks a faded appearance that blends seamlessly with the surrounding skin.

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

Many people, upon developing stretch marks, resort to using creams (both inexpensive and pricey) or trying expensive laser treatments. Unfortunately, creams offer little more than skin moisturizing, and lasers don’t work for all skin type – plus, laser treatments can cost thousands of dollars.


This simple Silicone Fusion Treatment stretch mark skincare protocol garners positive reviews from all parts of the globe thanks to its ease of use and quick results! Not only that, its affordability allows both men and women from all walks of life to afford this revolutionary stretch mark treatment.


What do customers say about Dermaclara?


Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

Dermaclara customers come from all over, and are all ages and ethnicities. Many customers have stretch marks from puberty, other have them from pregnancy, and still others have them from weight gain or loss. No matter the reason, Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatment users want to reduce the look of stretch marks on their skin. Here are some Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatment reviews from actual users:


“This is such a cool product! Since I had a baby last year, I've been using various creams to help get rid of the stretch marks that I got during pregnancy. I had been using different oils too while I was pregnant, but I still got them. Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology was recommended by a friend and I was a little skeptical about it, but thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Well, after just a few times using the clarafuse, my stretch marks are noticeably diminished! Even my husband noticed! Excited about using them for a longer period of time.” –J. Knox, Birmingham, AL

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

“I had twins and my entire stomach was a disaster. I didn't think anything would help, but I decided to try the Silicone Fusion Treatment after seeing it in an ad. Almost immediately, my stretch marks' redness started fading, and even the looseness started to look better. I recommend this to any pregnant woman to help with stretch marks!” –Alene, Seattle, WA 


“I've never used anything like this before, so I was skeptical. My friend used this on her stretch marks and was raving about it, so I placed an order and Dermaclara sent it super quick! I started using the kit as soon as I got it! It came with a luxurious cleanser, silicone treatment, serum, moisturizer and a serum applicator. First you cleanse the area, stick on the clarafuse for at least an hour (I did it for four hours) then you use the rest of the products. It's a great system, and I noticed a difference when I peeled off the treatment the very first time! Can't wait to keep using it!” – Gena, Des Moines, IA


“I wish Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology had been around when I was going through my puberty growth spurt! I got stretch marks on my lower back, hips and inner thighs, so I've been using the Silicone Fusion Treatment for a couple of months now, and I'm so happy about the results! I don't have to worry about people staring at my lower back stretch marks when I'm in a bathing suit anymore” –Kylie N., Miami, FL

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology

This might sound weird for a guy to use a stretch mark product, but I started to get these lines on my upper arms after lifting heavy weights for several months. I just put them on at home, and go about my business, and they're looking better. I didn't want buff arms with lines on them. – MC, Nashville, TN


Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology is so easy to use! You just peel them from their plastic backing, apply them to where you have stretch marks, then peel off after a few hours (or even overnight). I love the entire system with the cleanser, serum, and moisturizer! Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I've been using it daily for a week and I've already noticed a difference”! –Leanna, San Diego, CA


“This heart shaped silicone pad is a miracle worker! I had stretch marks on my lower abs from having a baby recently. They were awful - red, purple, and raised. After using clarafuse just a few times, the color is beginning to fade and the marks are starting to flatten. Excited to see results from longer-term use.” –Claire B., Dallas, TX

Dermaclara Reviews Silicone Fusion Technology


How can I order Dermaclara?

Dermaclara Silicone Fusion Treatment products can be purchased online at Dermaclara offers free, expedited shipping on all orders and a 60-day money back guarantee for a risk-free purchase. Try it for 60 days, and if you don’t love it, return it! The only thing you have to lose is your stretch marks!

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